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Yoga Wellness

Rishikesh is internationally termed as capital of Yoga. Yoga at Green Hotel is completely pure and traditional in form, stemming from the roots of HATHA YOGA and adapting it to suit individual needs.

Yoga at Green Hotel can be a truly life-changing experience. everyone would benefit from having at some point in their lifetime.

Yoga at Green Hotel is holistic, spiritually oriented and focused on the deep and sublime traditional ancient yogic discipline as taught by the rishis and sages.

By educating yourself in Rishikesh, where it’s been taught for decades, you can jump into the Indian yoga meditation,bhakti, mantra chanting,spiritual energy healing tradition and give it a try.

What Yoga Is: Yoga is the journey to the self. The soul that exists beyond the body. It is also your natural state, but, it is very hard to understand from a purely intellectual perspective.


Yoga is not religion. It is a science of well-being that gives you original techniques for integrating body, mind and soul. It is about blossoming divinity within you.

You have probably even experienced that undisturbed calmness of mind. When we practice we start to feel more and more friendliness, compassion and delight.

The happiness that comes from practice is unchanged by gain or loss because it is found within. The insight and simple contentment yoga brings does not depend on your job, how much money you have, your car or any of the sensual pleasures of the world.

It sets your soul on fire. It takes you to where life exists in the present moment and it can be very magical.

If you want to live even more fully in that awakened state then we have a story to tell you… and if you listen carefully, at the end you'll be someone else.




Our yoga science helps establish the balance. Balance in the body, the mind, emotions...

It is a way to join your life with a more fulfilled spiritual way of life. There is a big contrast between how most people live life and a simple, grounded approach to happy living in union with your heart.

People choose us for the spiritual journey. Its not just asana, anatomy and guided meditation. This is the classic, authentic journey of yoga.

We set out to help you to be guided by truest internal self.